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eArtVolution: a strange name for a project? Maybe… Actually, it bespeaks the Art with an emphasis on the “e” which brings the concept into the grid bypass obstacles in the MENA region simultaneously. We seeks to describe the beautiful spiral upward movement artistry creates for all who buy it, experience it and create it while referring subtly to the Arab Spring revolution. We aim to revolutionize the Art field in Tunisia and MENA region by bringing a breath of fresh air into the Tunisian & Arab Art markets.

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eArtVolution ®

is the first online gallery, professional community and educational portal for Arab artists in the MENA offering virtual exhibitions and social networking totally devoted to Art. Our deep interest in the Art field combined with our business, technology and educational know-how are our strength.

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Meet The Team!

Beyond our strong skill sets and self-motivation, our team has a developed sensitivity to the Art field. Through many years’ of personal investments of time and social networking, in the MENA Art market space, our highly motivated team can meet the challenges of launching eArtVolution.net.

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Keep in touch with the ambisious projet and the team behind. Get latest updates and news about the progression made toward implementing the first Tunisian Arts and Artists hub. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and give us your openion we are keen to hear from you!

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